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Our sourcing expertise

Procurement sourcing is a crucial step for companies seeking solutions for supplies. Whether you have an urgent need or desire to diversify your supplier panel, ISP puts its know-how and team of expert buyers at your disposal to solve your problem.

Your needs

  • You are out of stock and look for availability
  • You have an obsolescence problem
  • Your current purchase cost is too high and you are looking to reduce it
  • Your structure does not allow you to buy internationally

Our Mission

  • Helping you define your needs
  • Finding a product and managing tenders
  • Save time
  • Negotiating direcltly with suppliers
  • Reduce your acquisition costs

To help you to reach your goals, ISP selects, analyzes and lists the offers most likely to meet your expectations. From the definition of your needs, through the development of a supplier list to the signing of contracts, we help and advise you.

To identify and propose the best alternatives, we identify solutions on an international scale. This will allow you to optimize and control your costs to further improve your value chain. Indeed, sourcing abroad can bring important sources of profitability, but different barriers arise when doing so such as distance, language, customs, quality contacts or knowledge of the local market.

With our resources, we allow you to overcome these obstacles. For your urgent, punctual or recurrent needs, an efficient and quality sourcing can make the difference. Together, let’s identify the optimal solution to meet your needs.


Since 2003, ISP has developed a worldwide presence with more than 8 locations worldwide.

Type d'achats

We specialize in industrial and production procurement (i.e. production consumables). We do not deal with overhead management.


In order to offer the best quality services possible, we follow defined norms and establish rigorous reporting to be transparent with our clients.

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