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Outsource your procurement processes and achieve higher performance

Outsourcing your procurement processes, also called procurement BPO, consists of the transfer of specified key procurement activities (or the whole process) relating to sourcing and supplier management to a third party. This tool has become paramount for companies to stay competitive, whatever their business areas, and will enable you to focus on essential matters.

Your needs

  • Decrease your supplier basis
  • Master new types of purchases
  • Reduce your costs
  • Dispose of a procurement department
  • Decrease the number of orders and invoices
  • Dispose of volume effects and economies of scale

Our mission

  • Assist you in defining your needs
  • Find the right (quality) product
  • Save time
  • Manage your RFQs (requests for quotation)
  • Negociate directly your suppliers 
  • Reduce your TCO (total costs of ownership)
  • Complete your logistical provisions with our hubs

To meet these needs and to support you in establishing a more efficient procurement policy, ISP is committed to being a strategic, realistic and quality partner. Our job is to help you improve the management and performance of your purchases seamlessly. From sourcing to delivery, we manage the process and report KPIs linked to your orders.

Product categories
  • Mechanic
  • Electronic
  • Chemistry
  • Production goods
  • Industrial furnitures
  • Equipement
  • Machines
  • Replacement parts
  • Raw materials
  • Subsets
  • Packaging

Created value

with our procurement BPO solution 

Reducing the time necessary for purchasing management

Once you’ve outsourced your purchases, we become your unique interlocutor and we will save you time that can be spent on more strategic purchases.

The implementation of our solution allows you to refocus on your core business.

international network

Our international dimension offers you significant value creation capabilities. Indeed, our accesses allow you to obtain a supply directly from the source guaranteeing a perfect compatibility between your needs and the desired product.

Reduce and otpimize your costs

With the outsourcing of your purchases, your procurement administrative costs and the total costs of ownership (TCO) decrease significantly.

Throughout the process, we guarantee you visibility, traceability and optimization. You can therefore manage your purchasing families more strategically and let us manage their routing.


Since 2003, ISP has developed a worldwide presence with more than 8 locations worldwide.

Type of purchases

We specialize in industrial and production procurement (i.e. production consumables). We do not deal with overhead management.

Thrive for quality

In order to offer the best quality services possible, we follow defined norms and establish rigorous reporting to be transparent with our clients.

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