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Decrease your costs and increase your flexibility

Companies often aim to maintain high performance concerning the management of their purchases. However, this task is too often accompanied by rigid and time-consuming activities. In order to reduce such fixed costs,  make use of our complementary solution offered by our partner OUTSIDE-BO.

This solution consists of the outsourcing of administrative tasks related to your purchases and supply to our back-office. This allows companies to keep control of their purchases while benefitting from the effects of outsourcing. This type of solution is also called procurement BPO or procurement back-office.

You are sensitive to being interested in our offer, whether you are a company manager, a CFO, a purchasing manager, a quality manager, a human resources manager or an ERP manager (non-exhaustive list).

Our bask-office services are made available to you on an ad hoc or recurring basis based on your needs. These services include administrative management of your RFQs, the follow-up of your orders, comparative studies and many others. To read more about those, we invite you to visit our partner’s website.

Personnel available immediately

Our teams are ready and operationnal as soon as your needs are defined !

Reduced costs

The cost of our services is fixed in advance and are highly competitive.

Save time

By outsourcing your tasks to our back-office, your teams can focus on more important and strategic needs.