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For your procurement, look beyond your front door and discover our solutions

By choosing our solutions, you will be able to focus more accurately on your core business and identify new opportunities for your business. Define your need and then let’s identify a solution together !

Our solutions

Reducing and correctly managing costs is a crucial task companies must undertake to create value. This is why many companies have entrusted us with their procurement management for their less strategic needs. 

ISP is the quality and control asset that will optimize your procurement for production goods. Learn more about how we can help you and how we can achieve greater performance by browsing through our solutions.


If you have new needs for your supply chain, if you want to enlarge your supplier basis, if you want to diversify your risks, or even if you are looking to replace an obsolete product, give us a call !

Procurement BPO

Outsource your technical and industrial procurement to ISP in order to focus on your core business. Reduce the number of interlocutors, the number of invoices, the number of different orders and your overall costs !


Reduce your fixed costs and optimize your administrative functions. Our experts intervene on an ad hoc or recurring basis to help you with your sales admininistration, your marketing tasks, your purchases or even your quality monitoring tasks.

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