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Who are we?

An organization dedicated to optimizing your procurement costs

  1. 2003Creation of Service Achat Partenaire France.
  2. 2005Creation of the subsidiary in Ecuador.
  3. 2006Creation of the subsidiary in Belgium.
  4. 2007Creation of the subsidiaries in China and the US.
  5. 2008Service Achat Partenaire becomes ISP. Creation of the subsidiary in Germany, partnership agreement with P&M in India.
  6. 2009ISO 9001 certification for ISP France and creation of the back office in Morocco.
  7. 2011ISO 9001 certification for the back-office in Morocco.
  8. 2013ISP turns 10 years old.
  9. 2014ISP turns 11 years old.
  10. 2015ISP turns 12 years old.
  11. 2016ISP turns 13 years old.
  12. 2017ISP turns 14 years old.

ISP is an organization entirely dedicated to the reduction and optimization of procurement costs and administrative costs of its partners. Since 2003, ISP has been active in the outsourcing of procurement and supply of technical and industrial products. Indeed, we differentiate ourselves by our expertise in more strategic purchases than overheads management.

Thanks to this expertise, we advise our partners and help them implement a more efficient purchasing strategy. We manage your flows integrally or partially, from the definition of the need to the finalization of the order.

Our quality guarantee

Moreover, in order to constantly deliver high quality services, we have set up a quality management system, certified ISO 9001. This system aims to measure, identify and improve the various processes related to our services. The meaning of this certification is twofold. On the one hand, it shows that we respect the quality standards established during the execution of our services and, on the other hand, expresses our desire to constantly improve our services.

The group

Over time, the group has expanded its geographic presence to offer its clients services that are competitive and closer to their needs. Today, ISP is an international organization that enables its partners to deploy more efficient procurement strategy. We offer procurement consulting services and outsourcing purchasing.

In 2009, we have reached an important milestone in our history by creating our back office in Morocco. Since then, this back office has also been subject to ISO 9001 certification. Our services are synonymous with time savings, flexibility and quality. Our solutions are aimed at decision-makers from companies from all walks of life who seek to save money and flexibilize their costs.

outside BO

Purchasing experts

Our team of experienced buyers will assist you in defining your needs and finding the solution.

Reduced costs

For less strategic purchases, trust us to save you money.

Expand your reach

By outsourcing your purchases to ISP, expand your reach internationally. Our locations allow you to buy directly to the source.