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Welcome To ISP

ISP is an organisation entirely dedicated to reducing and otpimizing procuring and administrative costs. Since 2003, the company has been active in the procurement BPO sector, also called procurement outsourcing, with a particular focus on technical and industrial goods. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we now help and assist our partners in the implementation of better performing procurement strategies through our services. Indeed, we manage entirely or partially your workflows, from the definition of requirements to order completion while giving you advice along the way. Another big step in the company’s development was the creation, in 2003, of its own back-office in Casablanca, Morocco.

Overall, we allow you to significantly save time, find a flexible and adapted solution to your needs while maintaining high quality standards across our processes.

Our solutions are targeted towards decision-makers, within all kinds of businesses, who are looking to achieve economies of scale and greater flexibility concerning their costs. Find an overview of our activities below.

Our Activities

Procurement BPO

Companies all have performance objectives that imply cost reductions across the structure. These objectives often focus on costs linked to the procurement department. To help such departments, many solutions exist, notably procurement Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

From the Request For Quotation (RFQ) to the billing and delivery, ISP offers its services to manage your flows.



Are you experiencing obsolescence problems? Are you looking to diversify your sources? Or are simply trying to replenish your stock?

Whatever your problem, ISP and its expert buyers’ team will help you identify and contract the best possible solution. Together, we will establish your specifications first. Then, we will provide you with a list of suppliers best fitting your requirements however technical and qualitative to find the solution to your issue.

Our solutions


This solution consists of the outsourcing of administrative tasks related to your purchases and supply to our back-office.
This allows companies to keep control of their purchases while benefitting from the effects of outsourcing.

Our bask-office services are made available to you on an ad hoc or recurring basis based on your needs

Our Offshoring solution


You have an established presence within Morocco but importing your products is laborious and costly? 
Our local teams can help you reach your goals ! Their international reach enables them to deliver goods that exactly meet your requirements. We will manage your procurement, act as your local expert and guarantee to meet your quality standards.



Our solutions are targeted towards all entreprises regardless of size: from corporations to SMEs. As a key decider for your establishment, feel free to contact us and let’s develop together a solution that meets yours needs.

Opt for simplicity

Trust ISP to be your privileged partner for the market in which we have been active for almost 10 years. We optimize and simplify your imports, follow your various orders precisely and take care of your document management.


Let us become your procurement interface today !

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Frequently asked Questions

In order to clearly define the scope of our activities, let it be known that our group doesn’t manage overhead costs for companies. Our business expertise resides in technical and industrial goods procurement.

We commit to lever this expertise in order to help you meet your targets concerning your procurement strategy. We will adivse you, will guide you and offer great visibility throughout the process.

For any answers you wouldn’t have found, please refer to our dedicated section by clicking on the button below.

Our ISO 9001 certification

Our aim is to confirm our position as a key player in cost reduction in the outsourcing of industrial purchases. To achieve this, it is essential to ensure our customers an impeccable quality of service, and thus to guarantee complete control of the services provided our company, and to ensure continuous improvement.

It is with that objective in ming that we have obtained and maintained since May 2009 the ISO9001 version 2008 certification.
We are currently making the transition to the 2015 version.

What is your typical client's profile ?

Our partners include actors from many different areas of activity such as military and spatial aeronautics, automobile, agribusiness, chemistry, electronics or even subcontracting. Would you be interested in knowing more about our partners, feel free to contact us.

Is ISP a group purchasing organization ?

Yes and no. Our professional expertise in procurement and the volumes we deal with internationally lead us to act like such organizations. However, our aim is to go further than provide a simple “volume buying” service. We wish to be become a trusted, strategic partner that delivers adapted solutions based on your activities, constraints and your market’s outlook.


“We are a company established in Morocco while being part of a large European group. Our activity is essentially assembly for our customers. We thus need to buy many products in Europe but this is made complicated due to various constraints: pre-payment of goods, large bank charges, large number of suppliers …”

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Outsourcing client

“Our main concern is the reduction of our supplier base. Thanks to ISP we were able to achieve this objective by concentrating a series of recurring (or punctual) purchases with small and medium suppliers.”

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Sourcing Client

“Our activity requires us to buy many electronic components.

Thanks to the expertise of ISP, we have managed to procure obsolete components for which ISP has ensured specific controls guaranteeing the quality of these components. This allowed us to carry out the project we were working on.”

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